Wildlife Watching

Beluga Whale Watching (Churchill)

Over 3,000 white beluga whales come to the mouth of the Churchill River annually in early July to feed and calve.

Churchill - Polar Bear Capital of the World (Churchill)

Manitoba Star Attraction

The large mammals, best viewed in the fall months of October and early November, give Churchill its title as Polar Bear Capital of the World. In fact, Churchill is the only human settlement in the world where polars bears, often weighing over half a tonne (1,100 pounds) and standing 3 metres (10 ft) tall, can be observed in their natural environment.

Churchill and Cape Tatnam Wildlife Management Areas (Churchill)

Habitats for caribou, polar bears and geese, the Churchill and Cape Tatnam Wildlife Management Areas encompasses and protect major portions of the Hudsons Bay coast line from Churchill to the Ontario border.

Rail Travel Tours (Churchill) (Churchill)

Rail tour packages travelling Northern Manitoba's rail passenger routes roundtrip from Winnipeg to Churchill year round with an emphasis on Beluga Whale packages in the summer and Polar Bear migration tour in the fall. 


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Saskeram and Tom Lamb Wildlife Management Areas (The Pas)

Part of the Canadian Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program, these two WMAs are considered two of the most important breeding areas and habitats for waterfowl in Manitoba, covering a combined area of over 3,150 square kilometres (1,219 square miles).

Located west of PTH10 near The Pas.