Dip your oars in calm waters for a gentle paddle on a picturesque lake or get wet and wild on rushing river rapids.  Whatever floats your boat, you'll find magnificent views and endless canoe routes throughout the North.  Brave large and potentially rough expanses of water on Reed, Wekusko and Clearwater lakes or stick close to shore at wayside beaches and parks.  Rent a canoe or kayak at Paint Lake Lodge ( south of Thompson or at Bakers Narrows Lodge ( near Flin Flon.  

Akamihk Adventures (Thompson)

Get out there with this Thompson, MB based operator.  Offering all the experience without the expense. Discover Northern Manitoba while paddling a Kayak, Canoe or Snowshoe. Ice Fishing packages also available.  Search Akamihk Adventures on facebook for more information!



Grass River (Throughout the North)

The historic Grass River canoe route draws paddlers from around the world.  Aboriginal canoeists have traversed the legendary route for 5,000 years and you can follow in their wake wile enjoying modern benefits such as well-marked portages and camp sites.  Head to Grass River Provincial Park or launch a canoe west of the park at Cranberry Portage and take a 176-km run to Weukusko Falls. Admire the Aboriginal pictographs at Tramping Lake along the way - it's believed artists were seated in canoes when they used red ochre to paint images of people, animals and objects on rock faces not far above the waterline.  Expect to spend a week on the route or take two or three weeks for epics treks to Paint Lake and Split Lake.  

Tourism North partner Community Futures Greenstone published the paperback Canoeing The Precambrian Edge featuring the Grass River, email Tourism North to receive your free copy.  


Neso Lake Adventures (Flin Flon)


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