Tourism North invests in winter tourism development

Tourism North received a grant from the Province of Manitoba to carry out a winter tourism development project and one of the budget line items will go directly towards extending the snowmobile trail system in northern Manitoba.  Something we know that would be an asset to tourism infrastructure would be a trail linking southern Manitoba to Northern Manitoba continuously.  This is a long term goal of Tourism North.  In this project we also carried out some research on what might be the best way to target winter visitors.  Dollars provided to the Thompson snowmobile club have been used to build a new warm up shelter along the Kelsey Trail, which leads to the Kelsey Generating Station near Gillam.  Other funds have been provided to the snowmobile club in the path to extend and reroute a southern section of their trails. 


Pictured here (photo credit: Molly Gibson-Kirby, Thompson Citizen) is Charlene Kissick from Tourism North with Thompson Trailbreakers snowmobile club president Kelly Martens and Dave Krobel from McMunn & Yates.  McMunn donated wood for the warm up shelter, which was build by volunteers and will be placed in time for the snowmobiling season (right around the corner!!).