Tawipism, Pathway to the Sun celebrates Aboriginal Culture

Tipi, Aboriginal Drumming, Thompson

TAWIPISM or "Pathway to the Sun" is a new Aboriginal cultural tourism business that opened June 2014 in Thompson, Manitoba.  Located near the Burntwood River, Tawipism promotes Aboriginal culture and offers programming such as bead working, bannock making, snowshoe making, birch bark biting, star blanket making, dream catcher making to name only a few.  Workshops are available all year long. During the summer tipis are set up and programming takes place in a natural, welcoming environment.  The gathering place will depict the Cree, Dene and Metis cultures in the area with a focus of passing on knowledge and culture to the youth, promoting awareness of the Aboriginal culture to the general population and facilitating training to the homeless community. Products for sale can be viewed at  

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Please contact Jean Merasty at 204-307-5368

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