Experience THRILLING traditional northern TRANSPORTATION

Wolf Pack Sled Dog Trail Rides
Wolf Pack Sled Dog Trail Rides is a new tourism operator, based out of Thompson, Manitoba that can take you back in time to experience transportation the way it was in the area hundreds of years ago.  Clinton Morrisseau is a 3rd Generation Master Musher who has recently chose to delve into the tourism industry.  Knowing there was an interest from local people as well as visitors to experience a ride with a dog team, Clinton decided to start offering tours this year.  Not only can you take a ride with Clinton (toboggan fits two adults or four smaller children), you may also have the opportunity to drive your own team. Visit Clinton's facebook page today (search Wolf Pack Sled Dog Trail Rides) or call 204-677-2760 or 204-677-5909 and check this thrilling adventure off your bucket list!