Tourism North and Northroots Magazine partner to bring you Nextstop publication

For the third time, Tourism North Manitoba and Northroots Magazine partnered to publish a tourism guide for northern Manitoba.  The guide, titled Nextstop is the only northern Manitoba tourism guide to feature the entire region.  It features km-by-km logs of things to see and do in the north.  The 3rd edition, building on the first and second was printed in June 2012 and includes more destinations, more maps (including a comprehensive fold-out, cell phone range and 24-hour gas station maps), more photos, more event information and more useful information for tourists and residents.   Tourism North believes that Nextstop has become the essential guide to the roads and destinations of northern Manitoba.  Nextstop is packed with information to make travelling more memorable.   Nextstop will be distributed at trade shows across Canada and the United States.  The guide will be placed at Travel MB Visitor Centres, at museums, hotels and tourist kiosks within Manitoba and as a mailout in response to requests for information from the website.  An electronic version will also be made for delivery by CD or download from the Tourism North website.   Tourism North Manitoba is a regional tourism association with the goal in mind of positioning northern Manitoba as a quality tourist destination.  For more information on the organization or to plan your visit to northern Manitoba, visit the website or contact the Tourism North coordinator at 204-677-1494 or via email at  Tourism North is coordinated by Community Futures North Central Development.

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