New Mapbook reveals Manitoba's most treasured outdoor areas

New Mapbook reveals Manitoba's most treasured outdoor areas

What started as a living room enterprise has grown into a cross-country venture that both documents and celebrates the great outdoors.  The widely-popular Backroad Mapbook series embraces Manitoba's outdoor treasurers with a new 160-page guide to every square inch of the province. 

Explore beautiful Paint Lake Provincial Park, canoe the Grass River system or discover your own wilderness area off of some of the country's most remote backroads.

Backroad Mapbooks feature up-to-date logging and industrial roads, trail systems and a wide range of recreational features that are not found on other maps.  Add in everything from fishing hotspots to paddling routes, from wildersness campsites to road side parks, from hiking and riding trail system to topographic land features, and you will see why this series has grown to become Canada's best-selling outdoor recreation series.

The Manitoba Backroad Mapbook edition will be available for purchase on the Tourism North website in the near future.  In the meantime, if you're looking for information on travelling to Northern Manitoba contact Tourism North at 1-888-847-7878 or by email at