First ever province wide Spirit Way GPS Wolf Hunt was launched on June 27th

It is targeted at geocachers who must travel the province and find 49 Spirit Way wolf statues in Winnipeg, Thompson and Churchill. The first step is to purchase a GPS Wolf Hunt Passport at specific retail outlets in each city. See www.thompsonspiritway for information. Go to the GPS Wolf Hunt page for details. After finding the statues in each city and entering the titles correctly into their Passport, the geocacher must get their Passport stamped with the official rubber stamp. After getting all three stamps, the person then completes an application form, sends it to the Spirit Way and receives an official GPS Master Wolf Tracker Certificate and has their name registered as a Master Wolf Tracker on the website.  The whole event is a fun experience for the whole family. The GPS Wolf Hunt Passport becomes a wonderful souvenir of their travels across Manitoba to find the common element - Spirit Way Wolf statues. The statues are 7.5 ft tall, made of solid concrete, and weigh 5500 lbs. All have been painted by different artists and are stunning works of art. Many should be in glass cases in an art gallery! It's all about art, travel, seeing our wonderful province, and creating lasting memories of fun experience. The whole campaign will last 30 months and it will be interesting to see the names of geocachers who get it all right. Who are they and where are they from? Wait and see and keep coming back to the website to learn the latest - Happy Hunting!