Awareness Campaign Educates Residents
On Legal Snowmobile Crossings In Thompson THOMPSON – A new initiative was unveiled by the Thompson Trailbreakers this week.  In partnership with several organizations and businesses, new snowmobile crossings and access trails have been added strategically throughout Thompson to enable snowmobilers legal access to an increased number of businesses.
New crossing signs, a new Thompson snowmobile map and education campaign are all underway as the snowmobile initiative is launched.  The main message of safety on the trails will be conveyed through various media sources and presentations planned this week.
The idea for a “Snowmobile Friendly Thompson” came about when the Thompson Trailbreakers realized winter tourism in Thompson will increase if snowmobilers have safe, legal access to hotels, restaurants and dealerships. 
“We were always getting calls from snowmobilers asking about long-haul trips to Thompson,  when they heard that they would have to trailer sleds within the City it deterred them from making the trip” says Dave Nicholls of the Trailbreakers. 
A committee consisting of the City of Thompson, Thompson RCMP Detachment, Trailbreakers, Community Futures North Central Development and Thompson Unlimited worked out details and the idea was presented to Thompson City Council.  Mayor and Council supported the initiative and provided a great deal of support to the project.  City Council is committed to revisiting the Off-Road Vehicle bylaw next fall to ensure the trails are safe for all residents.
The Thompson Trailbreakers would like to encourage all snowmobilers to ride safe, stay on the access routes, obey the 20 km speed limit in town and the noise bylaw. 
Coordination and assistance was provided by Community Futures North Central Development as part of it’s tourism strategy for the north central region.  The next phase of the project will look at the feasibility of a trail connecting Northern and Southern Manitoba.  For further information contact the Thompson Trailbreakers at or Dave Nicholls at 679-0903.

Contact Info:
Thompson Trailbreakers at or Dave Nicholls at 679-0903.