The Cinnamon Bun Trail extends to Wapusk National Park

In 2013 Tourism North partnered with the other regional tourism associations in Manitoba to produce the Cinnamon Bun Trail publication.† Rural eateries from across the province serving up hot, fresh, homemade cinnamon buns were featured, directing visitors to these awesome local establishments.† Since the publication, Tourism North realized there are more to add to the list!! †One in particular we want visitors to know about is the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Churchill, who serves up hot, homemade delicious meals throughout the year and one of their claim to fames is none other than the delicious cinnamon bun.† The Centre, located 23 km east of Churchill along the Hudson Bay seacoast on the edge of Wapusk National Park, is a non-profit research and education facility catering to scientific researchers and visitors interested in all-inclusive learning vacations. You donít need to be staying at the Centre to stop by to check out this state-of-the-art LEED certified building and grab a bite to eat at meal time.† For more information on the Churchill Northern Studies Centre visit††or call 204-675-2307.†