The City of Thompson's Miner Statue is looking for a new home!

The Miner statue turned 25 this year and is in need of some attention.  Considering he lives outside year round he looks remarkably good, but it is time to do some repairs.  The City of Thompson, Vale Inco and United Steelworkers Local 6166 are working together to clean up this community icon.  In the time between Labour Day 2008 and when the snow flies, the statue will be taken down and sent out of the community for repairs.  It will be worked on over the winter and returned to the community in spring of 2009.  Upon the return of the Miner statue to Thompson he will be relocated.  The current location at the Recreation Centre is no longer available due to pending development at that site.  The City of Thompson is currently polling citizen on where the best location for the Miner should be.  

To participate in the survey contact the City of Thompson Recreation Department at