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Wabowden is a picturesque small community nestled between Bowden, Bucko, Rock Island lakes.  It’s Cree name, Mescanaganeek means "steel road".
Mile 137 or Wabowden is a historical meeting place of the Hudson's Bay Company traders. Trapping, fishing, logging and recently opened mining industry have always been key economic factors for the survival of Wabowden.

Grandma Florence, one of the first mid-wife's of the north has brought more than 50 children into this world. 

Gardening is flourishing in Wabowden, the community boasts the best soil conditions of the north and of course the best water.


Kwasitchewan Falls (Wabowden)

Manitoba Star Attraction

Kwasitchewan Falls is the highest waterfall in Manitoba. It is accessible via a 22 km (13.2 mile) return hiking trail from Pisew Falls. Backcountry campsites are available at the far end of the trail loop.

Located between Wabowden and Thompson on PTH6.

Pisew Falls (Wabowden)

Manitoba Star Attraction

Pisew Falls
Located on the Grass River, Pisew Falls has a vertical drop of 13 metres (42.7 feet). The falls can be viewed from an observation platform, and a short 0.5 km (0.3 mile) hike leads to the Rotary Bridge which crosses the Grass River just below the falls. The bridge provides access to a trail which leads to the top of the falls.

Located between Wabowden and Thompson on PTH6.

Sasagui Rapids Lodge Ltd. (Wabowden)

Located in the most beautiful part of Northern Manitoba, situated alongside Highway 6 nestled in between Setting and Bostrom lakes. It is an ideal place to fish and relax by the beautiful rapids within minutes of Manitoba's 2nd largest waterfall - Pisew Falls. Or go for a scenic 22 km hike and see Manitoba's highest waterfall - Kwastichewan Falls.  With year round road access to Pisew you will never forget the beautiful scenery.

Reopened in October 2013, Sasagiu Lodge offers 10 updated rooms, all with their own outside door access, and you are within seconds of excellent fishing and relaxation.  We also offer a year round 3 bedroom cabin for long or short term rental. 
Restaurant, Coffee Shop open 9 am to 8 pm 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays).
Motel open 24 hours, call 204-679-0450.

Located 420 miles north of Winnipeg on Highway 6.





Setting Lake Wayside Park (Wabowden)