Monuments / Statues

Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin Statue (Flin Flon)

The city of Flin Flon got its name from a dime-store novel featuring the character Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin. The statue was designed by Al Capp (American cartoonist and creator of L'il Abner).

Located at the entrance to the city.

King Miner (Thompson)

Thompson King Miner statue
This local celebrity stands 4 meters (13 feet) high and was erected in 1981 as part of Thompson's 25th anniversary celebrations.  The Miner has recently moved to it’s new location at the south entrance to Thompson. 

Miners Memorial (Snow Lake)

This monument comemorates those lost in mining accidents.

Located on Poplar Avenue

Time Capsule (Snow Lake)

The Capsule was created in 1997 for the town's 50th anniversary.  It will be opened in the centennial year 2047.

Located on Poplar Avenue

Tribute to Northern Aviation (Thompson)

Norseman display in Thompson

A dedicated group of volunteers worked evenings and weekends for over two years to restore this crashed Norseman float plane that lay in the swamp near Garden Hill, Manitoba since 1969.  The rusty shell was resuced and brought to life in Thompson under the supervision of Fred Palmer and Marion Morberg. The plane, now fully restored sits atop a 14-ft tall pedestal in the Thompson Lions Club Park and is part of Thompson's Spirit Way walkway.   
Norseman float planes were the only such planes built in Canada.  These workhorses were critical in the development and evolution of Northern Canada.  Their unique three bladed prop and fabric skin made them legendary.  Only a few still fly today.
Dedicated pilots in the North risked their lives to move supplies and people across the wide expanse of Northern Manitoba tundra and boreal forest. 
This stunning site pays tribute to the pilots, mehanics and support staff in northern aviation. 

Mystery Lake Road, right before the Miles Hart Bridge.